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Electric Tobacconist – Rise of the E-Cigarette

Electric Tobacconist – Rise of the E-Cigarette

The Electric Tobacconist is an Smok Novo 2 online company which makes and sells electric cigarettes. Their business was launched about two years ago and happens to be operated from america. They sell their e-juice in three different flavors, “Original”, “Black Mint” and “Tobacco”. You need to pay a subscription fee for any of these flavors which may be obtained free of charge or perhaps a small fee.

Electric Tobacconist

One of many benefits that this business has is you could place orders for cigarettes and utilize them anytime without fretting about missing work days, being late for work, and not being able to spend the money for cigarettes that you need. Once you place your order online, the e-juice is sent right to your home. Forget about waiting on a truck or person to provide them. You simply await your order to reach.

The Electric Tobacconist also offers a unique advantage over other e-juices available on the market. Unlike traditional liquids, their e-juice can’t be used for longer than five days. That is a great benefit for two reasons. Firstly, traditional liquids contain chemicals and toxins that evaporate from the liquid as time passes and can cause health problems. However, the longer you can use electronic cigarettes without inside your body, the more likely you’re to stick with them longer.

The next benefit to utilizing the e-juice from the Electric Tobacconist is that we now have no taxes on it in america. Most e-juices are taxed either on the sales level or in the product itself, which results in the taxes being passed on to consumers. By selling their e-juice as of this price, the Electric Tobacconist has taken a great step of progress in becoming a leader in the e-juice industry. If a manufacturer can avoid these taxes and can successfully market quality e-juices, they will have a leg up on their competition.

While we applaud the Electric Tobacconist because of their efforts in being truly a leader in the industry, we believe the Electric Tobacconist can do even more to increase client satisfaction and market penetration within the e-juice industry. Customer support is important to customers, which is why we think the Electric Tobacconist can benefit from establishing an online website and offering knowledgeable workers as well as technical support via email. E-liquid retailers and distributors that don’t place an focus on customer service are doing a disservice to potential customers. It could seem that by partnering with the leading e-liquid manufacturer available, the Electric Tobacconist can benefit from having even more e-juices open to sell.

Also, because electronic cigarettes have become so popular over the last year or so, it might be more difficult to find quality e-juices at low cost. Some wholesalers have made it very easy to find quality e-juices, including, but not limited to, each of the best brands. However, other wholesalers may have made it very difficult to find quality e-juices for a realistic price. Because of this, it is important that the Electric Tobacconist remains the most prominent e-juice distributors available, so that they can continue to provide quality products at low cost that will attract many clients in addition to keep existing customers satisfied.

By partnering with the leading e-juice manufacturer, the Electric Tobacconist can offer its customers a lot more choice, including, but not limited by, an incredible collection of flavors and a wide variety of electric cigarette models. The partnership may possibly also mean increased sales, especially if the Electric Tobacconist can extend its online presence to include the ability to purchase multiple items, such as for example; pipes, papers, rolling accessories, lighters, mesh bags and many other merchandise items. The extended offering would benefit both the customer and the e-juice distributor. This would increase profits for both parties.

The rise in popularity of the electric tobacconist has definitely opened up new opportunities for both consumers and distributors alike. E-juices are gaining ground as the preferred method of delivery, and also the preferred approach to purchasing merchandise. This is very good news for everyone involved. Smokers will see a new spot to purchase a common tobacco products and distributors will have a new solution to market their product to the public. The possibilities are only limited by the number of imagination and creativity for both parties.

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